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Manufacturing Surveillance

Although all of our manufacturers we invested to have their own quality controllers, in behalf of our customers, MSG has an self-governed inspector team dedicates to control the quality, the workmanship and production schedule of the manufacturers or Sub-contractors to make sure that the products conform to the purchasing specification and applicable drawings and the delivery time requested by our customers.Manufacturing Surveillance.jpg

Our inspection capabilities include:

1. Pre-production inspection of the raw materials.

2. In production inspection to make sure the quality level and the production schedule are being maintained to meet with the requirements of our customers.

3. General inspection to verify all of the products conform to the specifications, the quality level, the function of the products and packaging specification meet with the requirements of our customers.

4. Salt Fog Test for galvanized products and chromed products.

5. Associated with third party Inspection Companies, for instance, SGS, TUV.

Inspection reports are provided to customers prior to the delivery date.


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