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Deep Drawing

Deep drawing is one of the most popular metal forming process of forming blank sheets of metal into a desired shape. Equipped with deep draw presses range in tonnage capacity from 5 to 350 tons, MSG’ deep drawn presses are capable of deep drawing various metal types with material thicknesses from 0.2mm - 6mm, part diameters from 2mm - 900mm, and lengths up to 1000mm.

Deep drawing process provides better strength properties, seamless structure, consistency on the finished parts, and it is especially beneficial when producing high volumes. The process is also recommended for product geometries that are unachievable through other manufacturing methods. Deep drawn products are of all shapes and sizes, such as assembly housings, kettles, cans, cookware, and kitchen sinks. MSG’s engineers prepare metal blanks in advance of the deep drawing process to ensure that the finished parts are free from tears and imperfections.


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